Spiders in rain hats

Hello internet. Its alright you don’t have to shout hello back. We know you are waiting for this blogisode with bated breath, so here it is. 

Chris: Its a bit wet out here. Luckily we are in a dry studio. This blogisode is 100% rainproof, seriously the water slides right off. Was this a better intro than my intro, you decide. Hey Poppy.

Poppy: Hiya!

Chris: Which introduction did you like better?

Poppy: Probably the second, truth be known.

Chris: Well it’s about rain, every english person loves an intro about rain. So what’s been happening? I went to see Despicable Me 3 last night. Much better than the second, though not as good as the first.

Image result for despicable me 3

Poppy: That is quite often the way with sequels I think. Same with Ice Age.

Chris: Yes I know what you mean, Ice Age is slowly falling victim to global warming. So what’s the next film on your list?

Poppy: I would like to see Dunkirk, I heard on the radio that Harry Styles makes an appearance too, which is surprising.

Image result for dunkirk

Chris: Harry Styles really? Has he lost all sense of direction

Poppy: No, I believe he is taking his career in a new one.

Chris: People tell me that the 15th millionth reboot of the spiderman franchise is good as well. So, I am a bit worried that he got so drunk in between the films he actually forgot where he lived.

Image result for spiderman homecoming

Poppy: Perhaps, although I think they have made him a teenager to make him even less relateable.

Chris: Does he not have spidey satnav? Please make a left turn on your spider web  at your earliest convenience. you have reached your destination, oh wait you’ve overshot it by about 500 yards.

Poppy: Are they not like homing pigeons and they just know where home is. I’ve never stopped to ask any spiders

Chris: well now you know they don’t. Please never ask spiders for directions, you will be disappointed. Just because they have 8 legs does not mean they are better than you. They say home is where you lay your hat. I’ve not seen many hats in spiderman films.

Poppy: Maybe this one will?

Chris: what sort of hat do yuo reckon it is. Could it be a top hat. They would look very dapper

Poppy: I think a beanie would suit them.

Chris: Yeah I think a beanie would be quite. But maybe a floppy rimmed rainhat would be better in the weather today.

Poppy; not dissimilar to Paddington Bear or Incy Wincy Spider.

Image result for paddington bear

Chris: Paddington Bear definitely. I think Incy Wincy Spider was too busy climbing up the spout to notice the rain coming. That one determined spider for you.

Poppy: Perhaps it is that determination that inspires Spiderman. If Incy Wincy can climb that spout he can defeat the villian

Chris: I think the Spiderman’s writer could learn something from him, no reboots of incy wincy spider. Incy Wincy spider now in 3D.

Image result for incy wincy spider]

Poppy: now there a film I would definitely watch illegally online and not pay for.

Chris: what? Illegally online, or I would watch on another screen… the cinema screen… wink wink.

Poppy: Oh right I see how it is.

Chris: At Mundanevision we do not condone the use of illegal streaming sites, but if you have to use them don’t get caught,

Poppy: Putlocker keep up the good work. Other illegal streaming websites are available

Chris: Netflix, I fell that I should mention you.

Poppy: atleast for a name drop.

Chris: And of curse NowTV.

Poppy: both of which are completely legal…

Chris: Yeah so we are back on track. So we no longer have to fight the pirates. Hmmm that is a good computer game and film.

Poppy: There is a new one coming out.

Chris: Ah yes Pirates of the Caribbean. How safe would you feel if you got on the ferry and your captain was Jonny Depp?

Poppy: I have probably felt safer…

Chris: Just fed him Rum, that will keep him sober. Bender from Futurama invades everything, as he need to be drunk to be sober.

Poppy: What a fun problem to have.

Chris: Ok friends, I think our blog has docked at the Isles of Silly, in fact we make the trip every week. Please disembark and take your personal computers with you.



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