Royal Email

Hey guys!Well this is our last blogisode fora little while. I can hear people boo-ing and throwing tomatoes at their computer monitor, cries of “why?”. Well, I can answer that, even a genius needs a holiday. Imagine Einsteris: in but on a beach in speedos. One more time, lets do this. 

Chris: Hey Poppy, do you think animals have personas or do you think what you see is what you get with them?

Poppy: Well, I think they have different reactions depending on the situations, but I am not sure that they are capable of split personality disorder.

Chris: Our resident sloth in the studio he does.

Poppy: really?!

Chris: yes, he told me he needs a holiday because he is tried of hanging around and his arms ache. Similarly with polar bears, given a choice they’d like a nice hot climate, but equally are against climate change.

Image result for polar bear

Poppy: Would the polar bear not die? or are you suggesting a summer haircut?

Chris: Have you ever seen one with a haircut?

Poppy: No, but I have seen a shaved corgi,

Chris: Do you think the queen and her corgi gets a hair cut at the same time. Both sat in seats reading the horse and hound.

Image result for corgi

Poppy: Well that is a very good read if I do say so myself.

Chris: Do you think The Queen watches Game of Thrones or for the royal family is that what they call musical chairs?

Poppy: In many ways that would make sense. I would really like it if she did, but I also don’t want her to get any ideas.

Chris: They tried playing monopoly but The Queen got upset as none of the money featured her, ” its not realistic Philip and where is the Royal Mail”

Image result for royal mailImage result for monopoly money

Poppy: In other news, did you know that lots of people sleep with their eyes open?

Chris: No I didn’t know that, are these people spies?

Poppy: or people expecting bad karma.

Chris: Everything comes back to karma, they say all roads leads to Rome but when you come back its Karma. Lots of people must live in Karma as it all comes back to it.

Poppy: Would be weird to wake up next to someone who slept with their eyes open through because they look really strange.

Chris: puts a whole new meaning to I am going into this relationship with my eyes open. If these people sleep with them open do they have to close them to wake up?

Poppy: these are the questions that should be asked. Along with how do you stop your eye balls drying out?

Chris: put them in water once a day. If the queen does receive email is it a Royal Email

Poppy: I suppose it must be surely?

Chris: I think it must be too, lets contact the queen by letter to ask.

Poppy; That’s quite forward to ask for her email off the cuff!

Chris: Well, I wouldn’t do it straight away. I’d get her telegram first to butter her up. Perhaps if there are any 100 year old people who want to be friends with me.

Poppy: that does seem like an excellent strategy. What will your opening line be?

Chris: Dear Maam,

I have this friend call Harold, who has recently turned 100, but he much prefers email as a method of communication, so please could you scan in and email the card, if you are unable to do this please ask William or Harry or maybe George if he is around.

Yours Hopefully,

King Chris of Mundania

Ps. your subjexct line is not another thing you rule over.

Poppy: that truly is excellent, she will have a hard time saying no to that one.

Chris: That should get her attention, and then I will pay Harold the 10 Werther Originals I promised him and be on my way.

Image result for werthers original;s

Poppy: that is a tremendous plan that leaves everyone happy.

Chris: Yes! I have other tremendous schemes to reverse global warming into Donald Trumps wall!

Poppy: Oh my gosh, yes please

Chris: Then I will be a national treasure and well paid and statues with be built of me using tetris blocks, better get them all lined up now fellas. God we really need a holiday, till the next time we meet peace.


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  1. da-AL says:

    so funny! thanks for sharing the great post, mundanevision 🙂


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